The lecturing follows the work of the best Czech film art directors.

I have studied and personally worked for the best in Czech Art in films, for Miroslav Štěpánek (2001-2005, as producer of his last planned exhibition in Nová síň 2002, and continuing such studies as promoting his shool lab

at FAMU and School of Applied Arts, Prague),

for Ester Krumbachová (as author of her posthumose 1st exhibition in Summer Film School 1998, and continuing such studies as promoting her shool lab at FAMU and School of Applied Arts, Prague).

for Jan Švankmajer (1996-1998, as assistent to him and his wife Eva Švanmajerová during their exhibitions and production of feature Little Otto, as conceptor-producer of their shooting photo exhibition in Theatre Archa 1997 etc.),

for Karel Vachek (1996- , as assistent to him during his exhibitions and productions of features, as co-conceptor, co-producer of their VHS, DVD sets, casts, retrospectives, promos and puppet etc.),

collabed with 3D animator Ondrej Svadlena on my direction efforts as commercial for ABC mag of Ringier Comp. in 2007

In my own original work and our possible contact I try to reestablish also the tutorial subject of some big personalities of the former Czech cinema actualy through a scent of their art directing for which they were widely praised in the years of their = realtime=. All of them were hardly censored during their career cause of the former totalirian Czechoslovakia regime and it partly continued even because of the so called Velvet revolution. Their censors were not panished in the velvet style of the regime change and stood in their high position of the business but mostly schools. This managed them out of the mainstream until the end of their careers.

These names are Miroslav Štěpánek, Ester Krumbachová, Karel Vachek, Václav Mergl, Jiří Toman, DP Jaroslav Kučera and the actors like Vladimír Pucholt and Luděk Sobota (the most =talented=wanted of the Czech actors).

Štěpánek (althought specialising in animation film), Krumbachová and Vachek are considered as the most talented authors of the so called Czech New Wave and Czech Film Industry. All their life achievement was formed through the exceptional art work made up specially for filmmaking and as this it keeps having the enormous quality even while their filming career has been already stopped or changed into just film plans only by the time. But fortunatelly just these unfinished plans are highly inspirational for world wide film schools from where the pontentional fulfillers of any dream come.


In the preparation these books:            an example of a title and one page of chapter DPs:



CINEMATOGRAPHIA aka HOLLYWOOD/ΓOЛЛUBYД - a book about the connections and team work also in art direction of legendary film fenomenons

author Martin Fisher, publically presented in 2016, planned for medias in 2017

MIROSLAV ŠTĚPÁNEK AND CZECH ANIMATED FILM - a big collection of selected materials about the Master of Czech animated films

Authors PhDr. Jiří Šetlík, Petr Zvoníček, Martin Fisher and others, finished in 2014 (more than 800 pages) to be shortened, planned for print in 2017



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Ester Krumbachová

Karel Vachek

Jiří Toman

Václav Mergl


this is the link to my lecturing style showing the way of art directing main topics comapred in drama and an example from comedies:

1. The Visual Keys for the Film Media with the help of the Czech Cinema / at FAMU International from 2000-2013


Programme of Martin Fisher´s lectures and workshops:


Full intro in the famous visual language of the Czech feature and animated films (mainly based on works of Jiří Trnka, Ester Krumbachová and Miroslav Štěpánek and showing the unknown true face of it, the 1st time ever after the propaganda years when the names of two outstanding artists Krumbachová and Štěpánek were censored by the industry regime for nearly half of their influential and awarded careers):

- How greatly these three exceptional artists were finding their visual film keys

- How bad Czech contemporary filmakers usually form their visual film Key

- How the foreign exceptional filmakers do it differently and What gets left –   

  differences and commons + projection and discussion conserning the visual

  or sound marks of the classics as well as contemporaries / recommedations

  and links.

Both Krumbachová and Štěpánek, the founders and key conceptors of the New Czech Wave art and the key figures of its fame, are similar personalities of the great film history importance as Sergei Paradzanov´s for example.


The programme offers:

Special concentration on famous visual and comedy aspects of the Czech and world cinema.

The work with several practical themes of useful and adaptable literary,  

pictorial material + possible advisory lecture very helpful in the universal individual students´ and professionals´ needs.

Tutor´s critical opinion + comparacy projection of unseen, less known and unique presentation material (film and art works by Jiří Trnka, Ester Krumbachová and Miroslav Štěpánek, Václav Mergl, Karel Vachek, Jan Švankmajer, Jan Němec, Oldřich Lipský, Milos Forman, Tomáš Vorel, the awarded new Czech film documentarists´ wave such as autor of the movies Czech Dream and Czech Peace / Remunda & Klusák, etc. – simply the best possible of Czech old and new cinema).

The tutor´s own experiences of his collaboration with Miroslav Štěpánek, Karel Vachek and Jan Švankmajer.


Workshops offers the making and the completation od the summary of the Film Key pilot with full visible expression of a leading idea – the Film KEY.  


Tutor´s dominion is the Czech former domain - the animated (mainly puppet) film, where he artistically works, but he personaly works also in the field of the TV documentary films as the author of two documentary feature films and other connected projects as the art exhibitions, books of Štěpánek, Švankmajer, Krumbachová, Vachek and his own art.

Tutor is also specializing on studing and teaching the visual aspects of the Czech and international feature film (mainly Hard Boiled and comedies).


If any question, don´t hasitate and write on for answer in advance, please.


2. Storyboard in the he(a/n)d / Art of storyboard


a lecture by Martin Fisher


the 12ve October 2012 from 9:30 to 17:00 at FAMU International

consists of themes:


- film formats

- possible storyboards styles and languages

- drawing of the storyboards

- technicalities of the storyboards

- space in feature films storyboards

- camera movement in storyboards

- costumes in storyboards

- architecture, exterieur and interiers in storyboards

- film effects in storyboards

- animatics

- films made of "the storyboarding" (Oshima, Bill Plymton, Paul Fierlinger)

- cartoons and comic books background

- comics films now

- Czech comics films tradition

- panel on comics films tradition



- making of the storyboard

- shooting following the storyboard