a Czech comedy about life and humour of comedian J..V. / screenplay finished from 2016

a Czech film and also theatre comedy about dance and disguise preparing for P.V. / conceptioned from 2016


a feature film story of real men life spiritual experience / schetched from 2016


an American-CzechoSlovak feature film project prepared for Crispin Glover / in development from 2015


a feature film based on the New Testament and the "12" actors´ film careers / in preproduction from 2005

THE SISTERS    a film about two Czech sisters´ life and their separate theatre careers during the real communism of Czechoslovakia / conceptioned from 2008
MIKI    a feature musical about Czech King of Rock´n´Roll - MIKI VOLEK´s life epizode / schetched and conceptioned from 2007
THE MACHINES    a cartoon feature film about the "Czech national resist tradition" and social, political and criminal background / planned and conceptioned from 1997
JELENÍ BROD    a comedy film inspired by Jiří Hochman´s book / screenplayed, conceptioned from 1997